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Our goals to offer glorious pollination service to Australian farmers and horticulturists.

Aussie Born Honey About Us

Our aim is to provide excellent pollination service to Australian farmers and horticulturists. Our Services comprises of a dynamic team specializing in the pollination of crops and orchards as well as producing quality honey and other bee products. Aussie Born Honey provides pollination for the agricultural and horticultural sector. We also carrying out research in order to develop best practice standards for pollination for Australian conditions and to support industry growth.Our employs specialist staff with experience in pollination, research, queen breeding and apiary management to provide the best possible service to our clients in the Agricultural industry.

Our Providers

Our Providers There are numerous good the explanation why you select us for the pollination of your crops.

There are many good reasons why you choose us for the pollination of your crops. We have larger size of beehives(Boxes) therefore there are more bees in the beehives. We got 10 frames per box, other companies got 8 frames. We provide 50,000 bees in a box. The beehive we use is imported from Turkey and we are the only company who has these bee hives in Griffith, Hillston and its surrounding areas. These beehives are the best home for bees specially for there health and fitness. The plastic in the beehives we use is very special. Normally, other companies use various kinds of plastics but our plastic frames are the top end quality frames for bees to drop pollen. We provide strong bees for pollination.

Aussie Born Honey Bee

Why Choose Us?

When some bee capers put beehives in farmer’s crops, they put much less bees contained in the field.

Aussie Born Honey Hillston

When some bee capers put beehives in farmer’s crops, they put less bees inside the box. So that they can make more money and farmers don’t even know how many bees are there in the box. On the other hand we promise to give you excellent service with larger size beehives(boxes) with more frames and very strong bees for the pollination service. We are not here for short term business our companies aim is to be on the top pollination service provider in NSW. Therefore we provide best of the best services to our clients(Farmers). We have pure Italian queen(It has a reputation for gentleness) which is very fit and strong for pollination service.


Color: Abdomen has brown and yellow bands. Among different strains of Italian bees.

There are three different colors: Leather; bright yellow (golden); and very pale yellow (Cordovan).
Size: Their bodies are smaller and their overhairs shorter than those of the darker honeybee races
Tongue length: 6.3 to 6.6 mm
Mean cubital index: 2.2 to 2.5
(Apis mellifera ligustica) is the “Italian bee” which is a subspecies of the western honey bee.

Aussie Born Honey Griffith
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